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R&D Ability

R&D,foundation of reliable products
R&D center
The R&D Engineering Center includes product development and mold design& tooling.
Stuffs of R&D personnel counted about 25% of whole staffs
Investment of R&D cost 12% in total cost

Foundation of industry is in mould
Mold manufacturing
Moulding engineers:>20
A full set of precision mold processing equipment>50sets
Yearly Molding>200sets

The key to precision technology
Automatic double - head CNC (10 sets) forming at one time
Monthly output: 120,000sets

Stamping, high quality molding
Injection Molding Machines>50sets(128T~400T)
Plastic molding is the core process,which strictly in accordance with ISO process to control quality。

Lean manufacturing, intelligent factory
Automatic Assembly
Customized non-standard automatic equipments>50sets
100% online torque test
100% full inspection of packaging
Automatic defects separation

Covering all test items of connection electrical
Environmental testing
Electrical testing
Mechanical testing
Vibration, needle flame, CTI, hot wire, aging resistance,High and low temperature,Salt spray, color difference analysis;
IP grade, air tightness, permeability, RoHS;
Contact resistance, insulation resistance and voltage test,voltage drop and temperature rise test,High current overload test;
Torque test, drawing force, fatigue, impact,material hardness, etc.